About Neos

デバイスDevice business

Provide service devices with edge devices that will become entrances to net service by making full use of China / Shenzhen supply chain

At Neos Corp we will be developing smart devices as part of our consolidated Jenesis holdings. Utilizing the manufacturing base in China / Shenzhen, we manufacture original devices in small lot, short delivery time, at low cost and realize high quality products unique to our own factory. Along with the progress of IoT, we are also involved in the manufacture of edge devices that play an "entrance" role in various net services, including various tablets such as educational and store menu terminals, as well as VR devices and AI robots We provide a variety of devices for service providers, such as IoT devices to be used depending on the application.

Jenesis HD

Providing customised devices with small lot, short time, and low cost but with high Japanese quality for every customer needs

Jenesis HD

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